My passion for photography started as a little girl, lining up my baby dolls in my bedroom for their own little photo shoots directed and captured by yours truly. After starting my own family 7 years ago, I really started to grasp just how important it is to press pause on the moments most important to you, and freeze them in a photo to look back on forever. I aim to document photographs that aren't only pretty to look at, but that make you feel something. The pictures you can't wait to hang on your wall to share with your family and friends, or throw in a photo album or baby book for later generations to enjoy. I'm here to capture who you are, wherever you are, and tell YOUR unique story. 

Get to know me...

girl mom or boy mom

tacos or pizza

mimosa or margarita





beach or ciry

the voice or the bacehlor

Take a guess!

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When I’m not snapping pictures I work in a busy healthcare office 

Online shopping is my love language

3 things I could not survive without are chapstick, a big fuzzy blanket, and my family

I love anything outdoors 

Bubble baths are the best thing since sliced bread 

Pacific Northwest based photographer, traveling to wherever your love takes me